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About Us

Transcenden Global Pte. Ltd. is incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap. 50) of the Republic of Singapore. The company is a private company limited by shares with paid up capital of S$7.5 million. PricewaterhouseCoopers is appointed as our company auditor.

Transcenden has the rich industry experience, and the profound understanding and insight to the shipping market. The founder and its key management personnel all have more than 20 years of experience in dry bulk shipping, and have been through the last shipping cycle, witnessed the up and down of market and the rise and fall of many shipping companies.

Transcenden and its group of companies are an essential seaborne trading link in the global dry cargo supply chain. Our group is a dry bulk vessel owner and operator, owning 11 dry bulk ships with total deadweight close to 1 million tons. Transcenden have extensive network across the dry bulk carrier market (from handysize to capsize segments) with our dedicated shipping team responsible in the area of Europe, Asia Pacific and America regions, offering reliable, high quality dry bulk transport solutions to customers worldwide.

In 2013, Transcenden together with their business partner has signed a newbuilding contract in China Shipyard, this contract contents the building of 10 newly designed 82,000mt deadweight bulk carriers (Kamsarmax), these ships are scheduled to deliver from shipyard from 2017 to 2019. The total investment of the project is close to US$300 million.

Business Scope

Transcenden's vision is to be the dominant ship owner / operator in dry cargo sector around the world. Company activities of Transcenden are essentially focused on owning / operating and managing of bulk carriers, particularly of capesize, panamax, handymax and handysize vessels and providing ocean transportation services to a variety of major raw material and commodity shippers and consumers located throughout the globe.

Transcenden involved in the transportation of all major dry bulk commodities, include Iron Ore, Coal, Fertilizer, Minerals etc, and especially good at transportation of grain and grain products, which include: Soybean, Sorghum, Maize, Wheat, Barley, DDGS etc, bulk grain related business are currently covers more than 75% of the company's total business volume.

Transcenden has a team of highly specialized and dedicated people who have many years of shipping experience, many of our business partners are well-known international enterprises/grain houses. Transcenden's strength lies in the global connection of our group, the various sizes of our fleet - Owned or Chartered, and the quality of our people and operations.

With our shipping related network as a whole, Transcenden has established excellent relationships with the financial institutions, trading houses, shippers, ship owners, shipbuilders and ship managers. Accompanied with these network, Transcenden has also started their efforts to intervene other segment of shipping, particularly in the area of transport service for LNG, LEG and LPG, in order to adapt various demands from different clients. They can simply take advantage of our range of activities and abilities to assist them in different areas of transportation services.

Our Owned Vessels
M.V. Transcenden Time

MV Transcenden Time (IMO No. 9437505 – Singapore Flag) is a handysize bulk carrier vessel with gross tonnage of 20,924, net tonnage of 11,786, length of 172.43 metres, breadth of 28.4 metres. Her deadweight at scantling draught moulded 32,500MT at scantling draught moulded about 10.15M. The grain capacity 42,500 m3 and bale capacity 40,280 m3. Main Engine MAN B&W 6S42MC (Mark 7) 6480KW(8810PS) with 4 x 30.5T Deck Crane. Single deck bulk carrier, log fitted.

SDTR’S First Launching Vessel
M.V. Shandong Fu En

M.V. Shandong Fu En, the first out of 10 newbuilding Kamsarmax of SDTR has been successfully completed sea-trials on December 11, 2016.


SDTR’S Second Launching Vessel
M.V. Shandong Fu Ze

M.V. Shandong Fu Ze, the second out of 10 newbuilding Kamsarmax of SDTR has been successfully launched on September 21, 2016.


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